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Poster sample for student presenters in English, in Dutch



In Memoriam of Dr. Anne Vainikka 

Conference date: November 22-23, 2019

Károli Gáspár University
Budapest, Reviczky 4, 1st floor, Ceremony Hall, room 100 (Buda Béla, Díszterem)

Contact: IMannevainikka@gmail.com

Preliminary schedule of talks and the social programme



Confirmed invited speakers and plenaries:

Friday, November 22


Saturday, November 23


The trailer of the film:






In Memoriam Anne Vainikka


Anne Vainikka died on 11 June 2018, of cancer. At the time of her death, she was an adjunct professor at the University of Delaware in the Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Her professional accomplishments are matched by her personal virtues---strength, good humor, and devotion marked her commitments.  She was widely known as someone who marched forward, following ideas where they go, but with grace, determination, no untoward bombast or self-promotion, and just straightforward arguments.

Anne received her Ph.D. in 1989 in Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts/ Amherst, with a dissertation on Finnish syntax, the second dissertation ever on this topic and one which has provided the groundwork for most work on generative Finnish syntax since then.

She followed this with a series of publications on aspects of Finnish syntax including partial null subjects, structural case and long distance case, and had started to work on the Finnish -KIN particle. She was working on a project on Uralic Syntax and will be missed by the vibrant new community she helped create and which she was leading; this community crossed disciplinary and paradigm boundaries by drawing modern syntacticians, Uralicists, typologists, field linguists and endangered Uralic language speakers and specialists of languages ranging from her native Finnish toEnets, Erzya, Estonian, Hungarian, Inari Saami, Khanty, Mansi, Mari, Nganasan, Selkup and Udmurt. In her own words, she wished to validate and lift up the individual Uralic languages: to preserve at least a portion of an enormous treasure trove of syntactic phenomena before it is too late, and to allow knowledge to flow freely without artificial boundaries imposed by various approaches to language.”

During her PhD Anne began with Tom Roeper and Jill de Villiers to work on child language acquisition, and she solo- and co-authored a number of well-received publications. Her work on second language acquisition began in the late 1980s as a researcher on a project led by Harald Clahsen. She became well known with Martha Young-Scholten for work based on adult immigrants’ acquisition of German, which culminated in their theory of Organic Grammar. They had recently turned to the acquisition of English. Her eye for long-standing problems led her to establish The Verb Company to introduce the English spelling system to emergent readers in a much more systematic way.

Anne actively mentored young scholars; her PhD student Taija Saikkonen defended her thesis in Helsinki a few weeks before Anne died. Newcastle University PhD student, Dongyan Chen, benefitted considerably from Anne’s advice on applying Organic Grammar to L2 Mandarin.

Anne is survived by her husband, Inigo Thomas, director of Technology Solutions at the Port of Wilmington, Delaware, their sons Aksel and Ashok, of 528 Old Elk Neck Road, Northeast, Maryland 21901, and by seven sisters and a brother.

Services are on Saturday June 16, at 11 a.m. with visitation at 10 a.m. at the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church, 2038 Pleasant Valley Road, Newark DE 19702.


See also


UMass website: https://blogs.umass.edu/linguist/2018/06/14/in-memoriam-anne-vainikka/


Uralic Syntax Days


Primavera Ugrofinnica 5, 2016


Budapest, May 19th-21st, 2016


Program to print




This is a joint workshop at Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Benczúr utca 33 and Károli Gáspar University, Dutch Department                                                                  




Thursday, May 19th

Location Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Benczúr utca 33, the Grand Aula of the Ground Floor


Chair of the morning session: Anne Tamm 


9:00  Welcome: Katalin É. Kiss

9:15  Katalin É. Kiss -  Specificity marking by possessive agreement in Hungarian - click HERE for the presentation

10:00 Anna Volkova - The architecture of participial clauses in Meadow Mari - click HERE for the presentation 


10:45 coffee break 


11:00 Anne Vainikka - Five Structural Cases in Finnish - click HERE for the presentation


Lunch e.g., Benczúr utca 29


Chair of the afternoon session: Karoliina Lohiniva


13:30 Helle Metslang - The Changing Syntax of Estonian

14:15 Saara Huhmarniemi and Pauli Brattico - Wh-movement in Finnish 


15:00 Coffee break


15:15 Diane Nelson and Elena Vedernikova - Some issues around mood and voice in Mari 

16:00 Katalin Gugán and Márta Csepregi - Subordination in Surgut Khanty 


16:45 Discussion and the Grammar Writers' Workshop - ROOM 108

with Beáta Wagner-Nagy, Katalin Sipőcz and other participants 


Dinner planned at Pizzica Nagymező utca 21 (was realized in Pesti Diszno)


Friday, May 20th Location Károli Gáspar University, Dutch Department Reviczky utca 4a room 104 DIRECTIONS 


Chair of the morning session: András Bárány


9:00 Welcome: Anikó Daróczi

9:15  Gerson Klumpp - ThdirecobjeciKamaagainsthoveralUralibackground - click HERE for the presentation

10:00 Niina Aasmäe - Erzya: some syntactic problems of the verb ulems 


10:45 coffee break


11:00  Anders Holmberg - Null subjects in Finnish and the typology of pro-drop - click HERE for the handout

11:45 Pauli Brattico - Finite and non-finite control in Finnish -- click here for the paper/handoutintroduction


Lunch at Muzikum - Múzeum utca 7


Chair of the afternoon session: Barbara Egedi


 13:30 Irina Nikolaeva - Noun-modifying clause constructions in Tundra Nenets (and beyond)

 14:30 Ágnes Bende-Farkas - Indeterminate-based Quantification -- Is It Quantificational? 


15:15 Coffee break


15:30 Orsolya Tánczos - Realizations of Voice in Udmurt: the case of the suffix ­-s’k-

16:15 Erika Asztalos - Contact-induced variation in the information structure of the Udmurt sentences - click HERE for the presentation


17:00 From Fieldwork via Corpora and Databases to Theoretical Issues: Discussion


Dinner BorLaBor Veres Pálné 7 The menu in Hungarian The menu in English


May 21


A more informal day, discussions etc

Lunch at Anne, Bartha 1c




Click here for Piliscsaba CIFU 2010, Uralic Syntax Symposium

Click here for  Primavera ugrofinnica 1 (2009)  

Primavera ugrofinnica 2 (2010) 

Primavera ugrofinnica 3 (2011)

Primavera ugrofinnica 4 (2012) 


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