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preliminary program

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Finno-Ugric Syntax and Universal Grammar

Piliscsaba, Budapest, Hungary, CIFU11

09-Aug-2010 - 10-Aug-2010

Here is the link to the abstracts
Sunday, August 8: A pre-workshop dinner at 7 p.m. Menza, Liszt Ferenc tér 2.


Preliminary program


Time Speaker Title

Monday, August 9
The name of our building is Stephaneum, room "Dienes Valéria"


Opening of the symposium


  Contributions that are comparative with Hungarian or Finnish  

Invited talk

Ora Matushansky

Predicatives in Finnish and Hungarian
14.00-14.40 Gergely Kántor, Júlia Bácskai-Atkári

Elliptical comparatives in Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian

14.40-15.00 coffee and tea  
  Contributions on Hungarian  
15.00-15.40 Huba Bartos

Hungarian causatives, and their place in Pylkkaenen’s typology 

15.40-16.20 Barbara Ürögdi

Referentiality restrictions on the wh-expletive construction in Hungarian

16.20-17.00 Balázs Surányi

Identificational Focus Movement at the syntax/semantics/prosody interface

17.00 -... Poster session

Lena Dal Pozzo Evidence from experimental results and some questions about the syntax-discourse interface

Aet Lees Object Case in Balto-Finnic languages

Larisa Leisiö Is there a nominal tense in Nganasan?

Satu Manninen & Katrin Hiietam  On the Baltic-Finnic Zero Person Construction 

Tuesday, August 10 Contributions on Finnish  

Invited talk

Diane Nelson

(Non)finiteness in Finnish and Saami
9.40-10.20 Pauli Brattico

Long-distance case assignment in Finnish


Saara Huhmarniemi, Anne Vainikka

Multiple wh-questions and syntactic islands in Finnish 

11.00-11.20 coffee and tea  
11.20-12.00 Elsi Kaiser

Not all exceptions are alike: investigating context-sensitivity in Finnish reciprocals 

12.00-12.40 Anikó Csirmaz

The case of divisible phase 

  poster presentations to view  

Invited talk

Ida Toivonen

Lexical-Functional Grammar as a tool for understanding Saami
  Contributions that are not Finnish or Hungarian  
14.40-15.20 Irina Nikolaeva

Possessive relative clauses in Tundra Nenets

15.20-16.00 Heete Sahkai

The syntax of the Estonian genitive agent phrase  

16.00-16.20 coffee and tea  
Éva Dékány, Anikó Csirmaz

Classifiers and the functional sequence in the DP 

 17.00.- 17.40
Anne Tamm
Cross-categorial case in the Finnic nonfinite verbs


Finnic round table











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